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Hi, We Are Abide A.I.

Our Story.

Our vision is to integrate machine learning into every device around us. We're working to automate and streamline machine learning pipelines so as to make productionizing your ML models seamless.

Our founding team has a background in building production-level machine learning systems, with expertise spanning a wide array of applications, including recommender systems, computer vision, audio-speech synthesis, and natural language processing.

More About Us.

We are on a relentless mission, dedicated to building production-level machine learning systems for a wide range of applications. This journey began with large lanaguge models and has now expanded onto multimodal models as well as small generative models for resource-constrained devices.

We are trying to simplify challenges across development, deployment and evaluation to ensure that these models can be smoothly integrated into the technology ecosystem, with a steadfast focus on robustness, reliability and scalability.

Need Support with your GenAI strategy?

If you're looking to harness the power of generative AI, enhance creativity, and drive innovation in your projects, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you're in the early planning stages, need assistance with implementation, or require guidance to optimize your GenAI strategy, we're just a message away.

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What We Do.

Currently, we provide support across domain adaptation, deployment and evaluation for your machine learning models - both discriminative and generative models.

Domain Adaptation Services

Our domain adaptation services are designed to tailor your machine learning models to specific domains. We offer customized solutions that enable your models to perform optimally in different contexts. Whether you need to enhance adaptability, customize models for specific applications, or fine-tune their performance, our domain adaptation services ensure that your models are precisely aligned with your needs.

Model Deployment Solutions

Our model deployment solutions provide a seamless pathway to deploy your machine learning models into production. We specialize in ensuring smooth integration across various platforms and devices. By streamlining the deployment process, we prioritize efficiency and reliability, making sure that your models are ready to work in real-world applications.

Model Evaluation Expertise

Evaluating the performance and effectiveness of machine learning models is a critical part of our expertise. We offer in-depth model evaluation services for both discriminative and generative models. We implement rigorous evaluation methods, providing you with insights and recommendations to enhance your models and make them even more effective.

Discriminative Model Support

When it comes to discriminative machine learning models, our specialized support ensures that your models are optimized and fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. We offer comprehensive support for a wide range of discriminative applications, allowing you to leverage these models effectively in your projects.

Generative Model Enhancement

Our expertise extends to enhancing generative machine learning models. We provide tailored solutions to improve the creativity and adaptability of generative models, ensuring they meet the unique demands of your applications. Our services are designed to harness the full potential of generative models and unlock new possibilities for your projects.

LLMOps Implementation and Optimization

Incorporating LLMOps into your workflows is essential for harnessing the power of large language models effectively. We provide LLMOps implementation and optimization services tailored to your specific needs. From fine-tuning models for your unique use cases to optimizing performance, our LLMOps services guarantee a smooth transition to the world of large language models in production.

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Get in Touch.

We're excited to connect with you and explore how our expertise can empower your journey in the world of machine learning and AI. Whether you have questions about our services, want to discuss a potential collaboration, or simply want to learn more about the incredible possibilities of integrating machine learning into your projects, we're here to help.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solutions to your unique challenges. We believe in the power of human-technology interactions, and we're eager to partner with you on your quest for innovation.

Response Time

We value your inquiries and strive to respond promptly. Our typical response time is 48-72 business hours.


Abide AI, Inc.
Governors Avenue
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